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Mavara Bahar

Today, the leaders and managers of companies are facing new and up-to-date assumptions for running the company and designing its future compared to the past.

Technological events have increased the complexity of decisions, and now, along with money and manpower, recognizing changes and making new plans can guarantee the future of the company.

Our Services

Mavara offers its services in the following three categories:

• Project Management Services: Large and multi-project plans usually require centralized and professional management. In such plans, resource and time management is of utmost importance, so that without proper management, many of these plans do not succeed. Maavara provides all project management services with an experienced and trained staff.

• Strategic Management Services: Strategic planning is an organizational process in which the direction or strategy of the organization is determined, and based on that, decisions are made regarding the allocation of resources to different departments. Evaluation of the mission and vision statement, presentation of internal factor evaluation (IFE) and external factor evaluation (EFE) matrices, SWOT and QSPM matrices, strategy proposal, and its management implementation are among the services provided by Maavara in this field.

• Project Management Services: Planning, controlling, and directing projects fall within the scope of project management activities. Mavara performs all project management services such as preparing the charter, creating the work breakdown structure, scheduling, time estimation, resource allocation and leveling planning, cost estimation, defining people’s responsibilities, risk management, and supervision in this area.

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